How often do we hear the phrase “The tenants trashed the place?”

On the other hand a good tenant is worth their weight in gold!

Bad experiences have often resulted in an apathetic attitude by landlords or management companies. Owners who take pride in their asset often shrug and say, "Well it was a tenant, what do you expect?" and go ahead and repair the damage – sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Although there can be damage done throughout a home, such as six inch nails hammered into a sheetrock wall as a coat hanger or a hook for a light fixture, the most wear and tear takes place in the bathroom or the kitchen.  Countertops especially are objects of abuse and with the current trend of using granite or other stone materials, a careless tenant can badly damage the countertop.

The modern alternative is to reglaze or refinish any laminate, tile or most other materials and these of course can be redone as needed. Pacific Reglazing has a wide variety of finishes including the very popular stone glazes.

New materials for reglazing are keeping pace with other modern technologies and new glazes are now available in a variety of stone finishes including the popular granite finishes.  Any damage to a counter glazed in one of these new finishes can be reglazed over and over again at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Should the landlord or management company decide to handle the bathroom or kitchen problems with reglazing (also known as refinishing) instead of replacing (usually much more expensive) some helpful advice is called for which in the long run reduces the maintenance costs to a much more confrontable level and Pacific Reglazing have 20 years of experience in this field.

Pacific Reglazing has often been asked how to prevent high repair or reglazing costs by their many satisfied clients and the following has been an extremely successful suggestion which has saved the landlords large amounts of money, time and inconvenience.

Tenants are usually required to leave a reasonable damage deposit when they sign the lease.  Adding an addendum about damage to the bathroom and kitchen can save the owner or manager a lot of heartache, unpleasantness and money.

This addendum should state something like: “Your ________ (item refinished) has been reglazed, and is covered under a warranty.  The warranty is void if the care and maintenance is violated.  A Care and Maintenance sheet is included with a part of this agreement.  If for any reason the points of this care and maintenance are ignored you will be held responsible for repair required.”

The tenant should sign or initial this paragraph when signing the lease so, if the occasion arises, they cannot say “Oh, I didn’t know that!”

Since the tenant would have signed or initialed this addendum this little paragraph can prevent unnecessary repair costs to the management company or landlord as it would come directly out of the tenants damage deposit.

Provided the basic care instructions are followed, reglazing is aesthetically pleasing, durable and very much more economical from a maintenance point of view than replacement. With the signing of the above addendum however it reduces the landlord’s maintenance costs apart from the initial reglazing to zero.

 Eric Falkow

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* See our warranty statement for details. Note that kitchen and laundry sinks do not carry the same 5 year warranty due to the abuse they are commonly subject to. However our workmanship is always guaranteed in case of any error in the application process. Refinished kitchen sinks can last many years when care and maintenance suggestions are followed.



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